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The Full Monty

Seeing how much their wives enjoy watching male strippers during their “Girls’ Night Out,” unemployed steelworkers in Buffalo, New York come up with a bold way to make some quick cash. In the process they find renewed self-esteem, the importance of friendship and the ability to have fun.

As the guys work through their fears, self-consciousness, feelings of worthlessness and anxieties (over everything from being overweight to child custody, bigotry to being gay), they come to discover that not only are they stronger as a group, but that the strength they find in each other gives them the individual courage to face their demons and overcome them.


Wade Willis

Jerry Lukowski

Rick Lewis

Harold Nichols

Kregg Arnston

Keno, Teddy, Tony, and Others

Pam Mahon

Pam Lukowski

Colton Lasater

Nathan Lukowski

Jim Caputo

Dave Bukatinsky

Stanley Perryman

Noah (Horse) T. Simmons

Stephanie Schneiderman

Georgie Bukatinsky

Sue Parks-Hilden

Jeanette Burmeister

Lorenzo Caputo

Nathan Lukowski (Understudy)

Leif Norby

Malcolm MacGregor

Brian Bartley

Ethan Girard

Susannah Mars

Vicki Nichols

Courtney Freed

Estelle Genovese